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What is Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)?

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is a 3 year UG course that trains students in Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Computer Networks, etc. Students can get job opportunities in the IT sector after completing the BCA course. 

Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] - Latest Notifications

BCA is a popular course among students with a Computer Science background. BCA Admission takes place through both merit based and entrance exams depending on the university. Students with 45-50% marks in class 12 having mathematics as a subject of study are eligible to apply for the BCA course. Top BCA Entrance Exams are CUET, SET, IPU CET, MET etc. Check: BCA Admissions

Christ University, Presidency College, SRMIST Chennai, SICSR Pune and Loyola College are top BCA colleges in India. The average course fee ranges between INR 70,000 – INR 1,50,000. BCA course is available in various formats like BCA Distance, Online, and Integrated courses. Online BCA courses, which are recognized and accredited by NAAC, AICTE and UGC are available in Online Manipal, Amity University etc. Check: BCA Online Course

BCA Syllabus trains and educates students to become Software Developers, System Analysts, Web Designers, etc. BCA 1st Year subjects include Computer Fundamental, C Programming, Principle of Management, Organization Behaviour, etc. 

BCA Course Details

BCA Full Form Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA Course Duration 3 years
BCA Course Eligibility Minimum 50% marks in 10+2 in any relevant stream with English as a mandatory subject
BCA Admission Process Either by Entrance Exams or by Merit
BCA Course Fees Up to 2 to 3 Lakhs
BCA Subjects Data Structures, Operating Systems, Database Management, User Interface Design, etc.
BCA Course Salary Starting at INR 4 Lakhs per annum
BCA Recruiting Companies Wipro, Infosys, NIIT, HCL, TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, and others

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BCA Admission 2024

Admission for the BCA course occurs through Entrance exams and Direct Admission. Entrance Exams for BCA admission include CUET, SET, IPU CET, MET etc. Students are selected according to the marks obtained in the Entrance Exams. Students selected through direct admission are judged based on the marks obtained in class 12.

BCA Eligibility

  • The student must have 45-50% marks in class 12. 
  • There is a relaxation of 5% for reserved category candidates like ST, SC, OBC etc.
  • Students must have mathematics as a subject of study in class 12. 
  • The minimum age limit is based on the college. The minimum age limit is 21 years for the majority of colleges. 

Check: BCA Eligibility

BCA 2024 Entrance Exam Dates

BCA course admission mostly takes place through the process of merit. Top colleges follow BCA Entrance exams like CUET, SET, IPU CET etc. Important dates of these exams are mentioned below: 

Entrance Exam Application Date Examination Date
CUET February, 2024 May 15 to 31, 2024
SET January 2024 May, 2024
IPU CET March, 2024 May – June, 2024
MET October, 2023 onwards April, 2024 onwards
DSAT December, 2023 August 2024
CUCET February – March 2024 May 15 – 31, 2024

BCA Cut Off 2024

IPU CET is one of the most popular Entrance Exams for BCA courses. IPU CET cut off is considered for top colleges under GGSIPU. The cut-off for the year 2022 is mentioned below for 3 categories.

College Name Open category with no sub category General Category outside Delhi SC Category inside Delhi
Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Information Technology Min Rank - 277
Max Rank - 195
Min Rank - 594
Max Rank - 1209
Min Rank - 2148
Max Rank - 5766
Bosco Technical Training Society, Don Bosco Technical School Min Rank - 212
Max Rank - 2321
Min Rank - 1073
Max Rank - 1601
Min Rank - 3299
Max Rank - 4108
Chandarprabhu Jain College of Higher Studies & School of Law Min Rank - 673
Max Rank - 2343
Min Rank - 751
Max Rank - 1621
Min Rank - 6686
Max Rank - 6686
Delhi Institute of Rural Development Min Rank - 2200
Max Rank - 3027
Min Rank - 1527
Max Rank - 2018
Delhi Technical Campus Min Rank - 377
Max Rank - 2300
Min Rank - 766
Max Rank - 1067
Min Rank - 4674
Max Rank - 5750
Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Okhla Road Min Rank - 23
Max Rank - 2465
Min Rank - 505
Max Rank - 1835
Min Rank - 2685
Max Rank - 6165
Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology Min Rank - 595
Max Rank - 2361
Min Rank - 1328
Max Rank - 1493
Institute of Information Technology & Management Min Rank - 297
Max Rank - 923
Min Rank - 420
Max Rank - 592
Min Rank - 2144
Max Rank - 5380
Jagan Institute Of Management Studies Min Rank - 4
Max Rank - 648
Min Rank - 108
Max Rank - 381
Min Rank - 1806
Max Rank - 3685
Jagannath International Management School Min Rank - 48
Max Rank - 671
Min Rank - 2340
Max Rank - 385
Min Rank - 1325
Max Rank - 3985
JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus Min Rank - 668
Max Rank - 1947
Min Rank - 422
Max Rank - 814
Min Rank - 4010
Max Rank - 4934
KCC Institute of Legal & Higher Education Min Rank - 653
Max Rank - 3002
Min Rank - 97
Max Rank - 1813
Min Rank - 6246
Max Rank - 6246
Maharaja Surajmal Institute Min Rank - 7
Max Rank - 160
Min Rank - 1
Max Rank - 99
Min Rank - 209
Max Rank - 1225
Management Education & Research Institute Min Rank - 1090
Max Rank - 1943
Min Rank - 1111
Max Rank - 1183
Min Rank - 3821
Max Rank - 6460

Top BCA Colleges in India

Over 3000 colleges are offering BCA courses. The fees for BCA courses in government colleges can range from around INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 per year. BCA Govt Fees are less expensive compared to the fees in private colleges. BCA fees in private colleges range from around INR 50,000 to INR 2,50,000 per year. 

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Location No of Colleges as per Location Average Fees (INR) Average Placements (INR)
Check Top BCA Colleges in Delhi 50+ 80,000 - 1,20,000 3.5 LPA - 8 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Mumbai 15+ 50,000 - 1,40,000 4 LPA - 8 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Pune 60+ 90,000 - 1,95,000 3 LPA -7 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Bangalore 150+ 95,000 - 1,35,000 3 LPA - 6 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Kolkata 50+ 76,000 - 3,20,000 2 LPA - 6 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Kerala 130+ 34,000 - 95,000 1.5 LPA - 3 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Chennai 80+ 30,000 - 2,00,000 5 LPA - 10 LPA
Check Top BCA Colleges in Lucknow 40+ 70,000 - 1,47,000 2 LPA - 5.5 LPA

BCA Government Colleges

India is home to more than 550 BCA Government colleges. These include both Central Government funded universities and State Government funded universities. Check: Top BCA Government Colleges in India

BCA Syllabus

The BCA Syllabus has 6 semesters over a 3 year period. BCA syllabus depends on many factors like University, the specialization taken, the electives chosen, etc.


The semester wise BCA Syllabus is mentioned below: 

Semester I Semester II
Hardware Lab (CIA Only) Case Tools Lab (CIA Only)
Introduction To Programming Using C Basic Discrete Mathematics
Creative English Communicative English
C Programming Lab Operating Systems
Foundational Mathematics Data Structures
PC Software Lab Visual Programming Lab
Statistics I For BCA Data Structures Lab
Digital Computer Fundamentals -
Semester III Semester IV
Interpersonal Communication Professional English
Introductory Algebra Computer NetworksLanguage Lab(CIA Only)
Software Engineering Financial Management
Financial Accounting Programming In Java
Database Management Systems Java Programming Lab
Object Oriented Programming Using C++ DBMS Project Lab
Domain Lab (Cia Only) Language Lab(CIA Only)
Oracle Lab Web Technology Lab
C++ Lab -
Semester V Semester VI
Unix Programming Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
User Interface Design Computer Architecture
OOAD Using UML Client-Server Computing
Graphics And Animation Cloud Computing
Python Programming Multimedia Applications
Business Intelligence Introduction To Soft Computing
Unix Lab Advanced Database Management System
Web Designing Project -
Python Programming Lab -
Business Intelligence Lab -
Graphics And Animation Lab -

BCA Course Benefits

  • The BCA course trains students in the field of computer applications, programming languages and IT. This knowledge and skills can be used in healthcare, IT, trading, finance, software, transportation, and education. 
  • The growing demand for IT makes the BCA course a lucrative option for many students. The IT sector is poised to grow to USD 19.93 billion by 2025. Top IT companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys, will offer over 1 lakh jobs in FY23. Learn More: BCA Top Recruiters
  • BCA graduates will play an important role Indian software product industry. According to IBEF, the Software product industry will reach USD 100 billion by 2025 through continued focus on international markets and increasing global delivery centers.
  • The IT industry has been a major contributor to jobs in India. The sector added more than 4,40,000 employees in FY22. There is a total of 50 Lakhs professionals employed in the sector.
BCA Scope

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Skills Required for BCA Students

Top Skills that students learn in a BCA course are mentioned below:

Online BCA

There are many universities and educational institutions that offer BCA courses online. Some of the popular online BCA courses are:

BCA Course Comparison

Students have various undergraduate options for Computer Application courses. Students have the options like BTech CSE, BTech IT, BSc CS, BSc IT etc.

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BCA vs BSc Computer Science

BCA and BSc Computer Science deal with many similar subjects. The BCA vs BSc CS comparison is mentioned below: 

Parameters BCA BSc Computer Science
Duration 3 Years 3 Years
Average Fees INR 70,000 - INR 2,50,000 INR 45,000 - INR 1,20,000
Average Salary INR 2.5 LPA - 5 LPA INR 3.4 LPA - 6 LPA

BCA vs BTech CSE

BCA and BTech CSE are similar but there are many differences with BTech CSE covering many subjects. The comparison between BCA vs BTech CSE is mentioned below: 

Parameters BCA BTech Computer Science
Duration 3 Years 4 Years
Average Fees INR 70,000 - INR 2,50,000 INR 4,00,000 - 12,00,000
Entrance Exams CUET, SET, IPU CET, MET, CUCET JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, WBJEE
Average Salary INR 2.5 LPA - 5 LPA INR 7 LPA - INR 30 LPA
BCA vs BTech CSE

BCA Jobs

After completion of a BCA degree in India, various job opportunities are available in both the public and private sectors. Some of the popular jobs after BCA and roles in India are Software Developer/Engineer, Web Developer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, IT Support Specialist, and more.

BCA Salary

BCA Salary

The organization, job profile, location, and experience determine the salary of a BCA graduate. A fresher can expect a starting BCA salary of around INR 3-5 lakhs annually. With experience, the salary can increase significantly. BCA graduates with 5-10 years of experience can earn around INR 6-12 lakhs annually. 

Job Role Average Annual Salary
Computer Network Architect INR 7 L – INR 9 L
System Analyst INR 6.30 L – INR 7.70 L
Software Engineer INR 9 L – INR 12 L
Software Developer INR 9 L – INR 11 L
Web Analyst INR 8 L – INR 9 L
Computer Network Architect INR 8.40 L – INR 9.20 L
Data Operator INR 7.50 L – INR 8.60 L
Web Programmer INR 6.20 L – INR 7 L
Database Manager INR 5.50 L – INR 6.80 L
Web Administrator INR 5.80 L – INR 6.50 L
Indian IT Industry Collegedunia

Jobs for BCA freshers

Job Role 0-3 Years 3-6 Years 7+ Years
Computer Programmer INR 3 LPA INR 4.6 LPA INR 5.1 LPA
Software Developer INR 4.4 LPA INR 5.4 LPA INR 7.6 LPA
System Analyst INR 4.7 LPA INR 7.9 LPA INR 10.2-12.2 LPA
Network Engineer INR 3.1 LPA INR 3.6-4.1 LPA INR 4.6 LPA
System Admin INR 2.8 LPA INR 3.5 LPA INR 3.8LPA
Software Tester INR 3.4 LPA INR 4.2-4.8 LPA INR 6.8 LPA


Ques. What is BCA?

Ans. BCA is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on computer applications and software development. The course typically spans a duration of 3 years.

Ques. After BCA which course is best?

Ans. Courses that can be done after BCA include MCA, MBA, M.Sc., digital marketing, network security courses, IT certifications, etc.

Ques. How different is BCA from BTech/BE?

Ans. BCA is a great alternative for BTech/BE, however it lacks the technical aspects as BCA majorly focuses on Computer Applications. 

Ques. How many subjects are in BCA?

Ans. Fundamentals of Computers, Programming in C, Digital Electronics, Mathematics for Computing, and Object-Oriented Programming in C++ are some of the common subjects in BCA.

Ques. What is the full form of BCA?

Ans. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications.

Ques. BCA comes under which stream?

Ans. BCA comes under the Science stream. However, some colleges and universities may also offer BCA under the Commerce stream. 

Ques. How many semesters are in BCA?

Ans. Generally, there are a total of 6 semesters in the BCA course. Each semester typically lasts six months and includes theory papers, practicals, and projects. 

Ques. What is BCA salary?

Ans. On average, a BCA graduate in India can expect a starting BCA salary of around INR 3-5 lakhs per annum. 

Ques. What are the jobs after BCA?

Ans. BCA graduates can work in various roles like software developer, web developer, database administrator, system analyst, network engineer, software tester, etc.

Ques. Which specialization is best in mba after BCA?

Ans. The popular MBA specializations that can be considered after completing BCA are Information systems, business analytics, finance, and marketing, 

Ques. How to get admission in BCA after the 12th?

Ans. The basic eligibility criteria for BCA admission is to have completed 10+2 or an equivalent examination from a recognized board with Mathematics as a compulsory subject. 

Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] Fee Structure in India

1.26 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES6 L  (Maximum Fee)
68.22 K (Average Fee)
3.58 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES6.66 L (Maximum Fee)
1.48 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] Fee Structure By state

Uttar Pradesh

97.69 K
11.10 KPrivate COLLEGES6.15 L
1.60 L

Tamil Nadu

55 K
12 KPrivate COLLEGES5.49 L
94.71 K

Delhi NCR

95.59 K
11.10 KPrivate COLLEGES6.15 L
2.02 L


76.98 K
4.32 KPrivate COLLEGES6.66 L
2.06 L


1.07 L
30 KPrivate COLLEGES4.80 L
1.33 L


53.25 K
5.48 KPrivate COLLEGES5.89 L
1.30 L

Madhya Pradesh

46.62 K
26.50 KPrivate COLLEGES3.95 L
90.25 K


58.95 K
25.26 KPrivate COLLEGES4.98 L
1.67 L


74.37 K
42 KPrivate COLLEGES4.80 L
1.31 L


86.02 K
13 KPrivate COLLEGES2.74 L
1.01 L


75.72 K
3.58 KPrivate COLLEGES3.60 L
1.18 L
56.61 K
41 KPrivate COLLEGES4.54 L
1.79 L

West Bengal

64.58 K
53.45 KPrivate COLLEGES3.81 L
2.27 L


95.08 K
72 KPrivate COLLEGES6.06 L
1.80 L


51.59 K
39 KPrivate COLLEGES3.17 L
79.44 K


58.12 K
45.15 KPrivate COLLEGES5.41 L
1.80 L


64.41 K
45 KPrivate COLLEGES6.63 L
2.03 L
58.56 K
17.07 KPrivate COLLEGES2.68 L
1.45 L

Himachal Pradesh

54.01 K
37.79 KPrivate COLLEGES3.90 L
1.47 L

Andhra Pradesh

21.34 K
43.50 KPrivate COLLEGES5.96 L
1.83 L


1.22 L
78 KPrivate COLLEGES3.93 L
1.47 L


93.56 K
51 KPrivate COLLEGES6.60 L
2.06 L

Jammu and Kashmir

50.74 K
39.81 KPrivate COLLEGES39.81 K
39.81 K


1.34 L
1.20 LPrivate COLLEGES4.14 L
1.95 L
87.58 K
1.47 LPrivate COLLEGES1.55 L
1.50 L

Arunachal Pradesh

42.45 K
1.29 LPrivate COLLEGES2.10 L
1.70 L


68.40 K
38.14 KPrivate COLLEGES1.15 L
76.77 K
Sort By :

Madras Christian College - [MCC] (92)
Catalyst Institute of Management and Advance Global Excellence - [CIMAGE] (92)
Chandigarh University - [CU] (73)
Trinity Institute of Professional Studies - [TIPS] (55)
PSIT College of Higher Education [PSITCHE] (51)
Maharaja Surajmal Institute - [MSI] (50)
Dr. Virendra Swarup Institute of Computer Studies - [VSICS] (47)
Brainware University (45)
Lovely Professional University - [LPU] (44)
Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science & Management - [MAISM] (41)
JECRC University - [JU] (41)
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College - [DDUMC] (41)
Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies - [VIPS] (38)
Institute of Information Technology & Management - [IITM] (38)
College of Innovative Management & Sciences - [CIMS] (37)
GLA University (37)
Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University - [SRMU] (36)
Institute of Innovation in Technology and Management - [IITM] (36)
Government Holkar Science College (36)
Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology - [FIMT] (35)
REVA University (35)
Netaji Subhas University - [NSU] (35)
Integral University (34)
University of Lucknow - [LU] (34)
St Xavier's College (32)
Graphic Era Hill University - [GEHU] (32)
Smt. P.N. Doshi Women's College (31)
SS Jain Subodh PG College (31)
Galgotias University - [GU] (31)
IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) (31)
Silver Oak University (30)
DAV Centenary College (29)
Graphic Era University - [GEU] (29)
Poddar Group of Institutions (29)
Indira Gandhi National Open University - [IGNOU] (28)
ITS College of Professional Studies (28)
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology - [SMIT] (27)
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies - [MRIIRS] (27)
Nehru Arts and Science College -[NASC] (26)
St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management - [SAITM] (26)
Asansol Engineering College - [AEC] (25)
Institute of Engineering and Management - [IEM] (25)
IIMT College of Management (25)
Jagan Institute of Management Studies Technical Campus - [JIMS] Rohini (25)
Jain University - [JU] (25)
Amrapali Group of Institutes - [AGI] (25)
SRM Institute of Science and Technology - [SRMIST] (24)
Ambedkar Institute of Technology - [AIT] (24)
Gautam Buddha University, School of Information and Communication Technology (24)
Institute of Management Studies - [IMS] (23)
Amity University (23)
Institute of Technology & Science - [ITS] UG Campus (23)
Maharishi Markandeshwar - [MMU] (22)
Poornima University - [PU] (22)
Sarala Birla University - [SBU] (22)
Babu Banarasi Das University - [BBDU] (21)
Chandigarh Group of Colleges - [CGC] Landran (21)
The Heritage Academy - [THA] (21)
Mehr Chand Mahajan Dayanand Anglo Vedic College for Women - [MCM DAV] (20)
Netaji Subhash Engineering College - [NSEC] (20)
Star Infotech College (20)
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University - [GGSIPU] (20)
Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University - [CSJMU] (20)
Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research - [BVIMR] (20)
Sunder Deep Group of Institutions - [SDGI] (20)
Techno India University (19)
Lalit Narayan Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change - [LNMI] (19)
Jamia Hamdard University (19)
Mohanlal Sukhadia University - [MLSU] (19)
School Of Management Sciences - [SMS] (19)
DAV College - [DAVC] (18)
Arka Jain University (18)
Khandelwal College of Management Science and Technology - [KCMT] (18)
MIT World Peace University - [MIT-WPU] (18)
Christ University (18)
Teerthanker Mahaveer University - [TMU] (18)
Kristu Jayanti College - [KJC] (18)
Microtek Group of Institutions (18)
Prestige Institute of Management & Research - [PIMRG] (17)
Chitkara University - [CU] (17)
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology - [MAKAUT] (17)
Birla Institute of Technology - [BIT] Lalpur (17)
Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies (17)
P.M.B. Gujarati Science College - [PMBGSC] (16)
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University - [BBAU] (16)
Techno Main Salt Lake (16)
Techno India Hooghly - [TIH] (16)
Eminent College of Management & Technology - [ECMT] (16)
Cresta School of Management, Science and Arts (16)
Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology - [PSIT] (15)
School of Computer Science & Information Technology - [SCSIT], Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (15)
Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and Management - [DAITM] (15)
Himalayan Institute of Technology - [HIT] (15)
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University - [VNSGU] (15)
Maharshi Dayanand University - [MDU] (15)
JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus- [JEMTEC] (15)
SDJ International College (15)
JB Knowledge Park - [JB College] (15)
Marwari College (14)
Women's Christian College - [WCC] (14)
Scholarship (1037)
Placement (959)
Fee Structure (949)
Course (928)
Faculty (915)
Admission (854)
Campus (791)
Knowledge (512)
Experience (462)
Course Curriculum (457)
Internship (425)
Semester (422)
Hostel (366)
Provide (339)
Management (304)

309431 Reviews found

6.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview:

The course curriculum was the best for the time. It was the revised syllabus i.e. the updated one. All major new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence were present in the course. The faculty is very friendly except for some (these ones are always there). Qualified and educated. Terms exams are very easy to pass and easy to score high.

Placement Experience:

Placements of the campus are one of the best for IPU, although one should not aim for huge packages like 45 lakhs or so. The average package is about 4 LPA with a maximum package of about 10 LPA. The major recruiters are Accenture, Deloitte, and DE Shaw.

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7.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview:

The course curriculum is not hard. All subjects are added according to the requirements and semester upgrade. subjects like programming language, English communication, 12th maths, and statistics are added to this course. I am applying to this course because I want to dive depth into the tech field but I don't want to waste 1 extra year by doing b, tech, that why choosing this course. The faculty of this course is supportive and encourages you to participate in some extracurricular activities like hackathons and coding contests. and student ratio is quite good in BCA there is 3 to 4 section and every section have a maximum of 55 students which is not crowded at all. To be honest I never judge faculties by their degrees but no doubt teachers are very skilled in their particular subjects and the method they used for explanation was helpful. BCA is not a complex course so the exam is also quite easy all you have to do is understand the concept and start question PYQs.

Campus Life:

To be very honest, the campus is not as good the you expect, because anyone who gets access to enter the college like local students starts fighting unnecessarily so that was a very bad side of this college but if you are aware of these things you can enjoy the campus culture. campus cultural clubs are also organized from time to time with fun activities. journals and referral books are also available at college time you just need to submit your college ID card and you can take any book you want. AC/projectors are also set in every classroom. The college also has a sports club so the students get to participate in any sport and stand for zonal /university level. competition.

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Campus Life:

So far, there is not much known in detail about the annual fest but we do have a tech fest which happened a couple of months ago. There is a good collection of books and various study materials and the library is also well-established. There is a basketball court, and a football field present on the campus. There are quite a few clubs basically coding clubs such as SKEPSIS, GDSC, NSCC, etc which are mostly coding-oriented.

Course Curriculum Overview:

The reason I basically joined the BCA course is because I always wanted to be in the software industry and come from a commerce background. this was the appropriate one. The faculty-to-student ratio is impressive. The faculty members and professors are very well qualified and dedicated to the study.

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7.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview:

The main motive to choose this course was that I am very keen and curious in the technology field and loved doing programming from my 11th so it was a better option for pursuing a BCA. Now, let's talk about the faculty members. They are cooperative, nice, and knowledgeable persons trying to reach out to every single student except some of them are just focusing on the theory and not on the overall development of the students. Most of the faculty members attain a vast knowledge of their particular field and are keen to spread that knowledge. They've been conducting practical labs of C programming two days a week. The method of teaching is good except for some of the faculty members who all are focusing on the completion of the syllabus. The term exams are being conducted in a gap of six months and weekly tests are also being conducted for some subjects.

Campus Life:

The college conducts its foundation day every year on 22nd Feb on a grand scale and the BISWA BANGLA CONVENTION CENTRE is being booked for the event. And regarding tech fests, it is being conducted on a regular basis. Fests regarding different new technologies are held on the campus. The availability of books in the library is also nice but yeah I had to say this I thought it would be better than what we all are getting. There is a small startup going on in our college right now named Skepsis. So Skepsis basically conducts different tech fests in which they come up with some new projects or extracurricular courses for the freshers and certify the participants for their participation.

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7.3 /10

Campus Life:

Life in SNU is pretty cool they provide us with many benefits, especially the canteen is just awesome, their foods are healthy and tasty, and the staff are well mannered. If you talk about sports then there is a basketball court, they organize a competition for footballs and basketball but there is no cricket as there is not a huge ground but one can play in their free time behind the basketball court, there are some fest which takes place in the year but I am not sure about that as I am a first-year student. The library is very well managed by the staff they have benches all over the room where one can sit and study. It has very good surroundings and they have almost every book on shelves which a student can purchase. There are many clubs for students like gfg, nscc, etc and their president are very good and well educated who provides us with every tip which can improve our study. In conclusion, it has a moderate campus life and one can enjoy the other activities while studying.

Course Curriculum Overview:

I am pursuing this course because I want to focus on computer applications. The faculties are very good there, they try to give their best while teaching but some of the things can be improved in the student ratio. The faculties are well qualified and they give their best while teaching. The term exam are taken with a proper timetable with weekly basic class test of the particular subject and if a student is prepared in a good way and takes the class notes seriously they can score good marks means the difficulty level of the exams are moderate.

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6.7 /10

Campus Life:

They conduct more functions in college and also an annual fest. They conduct the function and exhibition according to the department which helps the student to show their talent. There are more good books in the library that contain stories, course-related books, etc. Every year they conduct sports day which help the student show their talent in sports

Course Curriculum Overview:

I chose this college in order to know the details of computers and to know how to handle software. The student ratio is good according to my knowledge. They should improve the method of teaching a little bit. They conduct the exam every two months and it's a little bit difficult to pass the exam.

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Campus Life:

The name of the annual fest is "BANDHUTATVA". There are so many books in the Library, magazines of new authors. Of course, there is so many amenities in the classroom like a projector, professional board, etc. Every year sports are held on this campus. Website is like front-end development, etc.

Course Curriculum Overview:

I choose this course because the IT sector plays a crucial role in every field. The faculty is very good. The student ratio is 70:80. The Qualification of the faculty is Ph.D. level and the teaching method is very well. Exam is done on a semester basis and has no difficulties.

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Campus Life:

Provide a vast library and also provide an e-library for the students with every course book available in the library. Organized every event related to the environment and current moments timely also organized the college fest. Aina and nss are the communities which joined by students and show their talent.

Course Curriculum Overview:

Because it provides specialization in back and its collaboration with IBM company it provides a good future. The faculty was too good teacher very supportive and caring. every teacher is a graduate in their subject area. Most of the teachers have done PhD exams and events are organized timely.

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Course Curriculum Overview:

I choose This Course Because Of many suggestions and BCA is Also a technical field, as you know AI is developing Rapidly That's Why the race in the technical field is also increasing and the package and Salary In This Field Are Logical Because of many New Technology are Coming and In This Field, You can Rapidly Dynamic With Nature. In LPU there Is a number Of Faculty Present Because There Is Many Students Are Doing Different Courses That's Why There Is Extreme no. Of faculty and This great Because you can Learn From different People And Know Different Styles Of teaching. Student Ratio Is Not Same The No. lf Girls Is Lesser Then Boys. Qualification of the Faculty Is Higher Means All Are Done with Their Master And Some Also Gained Experience In Different Fields Their Teaching Method Is Very Good because They know How To teach People And know Exactly What They Have To Say. The Mid Term Was Very Early And there Is Regular continuous Assessment That You Have To Give In every Subject.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions:

The fees is a little Bit High But You can afford It Because at LPU there are Oceans of Opportunities You Can Grab That's Why This Is Not That Much Money. They are giving Excellent Education Level And Make our Level High that's Why It is Value For Money. And the cost For my Course Was 80000 Per Semester. I got an LPUNEST Scholarship which is 35% of 80000 Which Is 28000 And My Total Fees Were 52000 Per Semester Means 104000 Per Annum.

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8.3 /10

Campus Life:

The annual fest includes AHAN, and freshers' party for the welcoming freshers every year, AHAN is organized at the end of February. Lots of books are available to gain knowledge or kill boredom. Various clubs are there to offer extracurricular activities including football and basketball or badminton. A badminton court is also provided in the college. Buzz a new social website is being run by a group of seniors.

Course Curriculum Overview:

I chose BCA because it's challenging and gives in-depth knowledge regarding computers. Faculty members are highly qualified and really good in teaching their specific subjects. Regarding exams a semester exam is held near the end of the semester and it's mediocre depending on the way students have studied over the months provided.

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10.0 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions:

I Got a Scholarship In the Previous Year 2022 Which Helps In Financial And Makes Some Relief For My Parents To Give Fees According To Our Budget. Fees In the Previous Year Is around 80000 And For Batch 2023 There Is a Hike Of 10000 So Fees Is For Them 90000 Annual

Placement Experience:

There Is a 60% Minimum Percentage Required in All Semester Results If Students Want Internships Or Good Placement Offers. There Are Many Companies Offers Us Like Infosys, Ibm, Etc. Lowest Package Is Around 300000-500000 And Highest 1500000

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8.8 /10

Campus Life:

In college annually there is one fest and some tech fest conducted like code or fiesta etc Books are provided by the librarian and in all semesters books are provided by the college Sports day and sports like cricket, basketball, volleyball, chess, kho -kho, badminton etc are done in college sports activities

Internships Opportunities:

Nagarro,Tcs,and Amazon , Infosys, Airtel etc are providing intership opportunity the college which gives idea that how a company work or done their activities Teachers guide and help students in their course project which makes students to show in their resume and provide skills

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9.3 /10

Campus Life:

The campus is not very big but it is built in such a way that it has many facilities which is available in colleges having big campus. The college is providing hostels for boys and girls inside the campus so that the hostelers can enjoy themselves comfortably. There are many fests here of which "Vikiran" is the biggest. There is a party like DJ Night for the hostelers. There are many like Diwali fest, and Architecture day fest, If you want to learn more on campus then the college provides free workshops and if you want to learn more than that then you can also do value-added courses by IIT Roorkee which include cyber security and AIML. Our students run many clubs and societies in which few niches are written. Paw Hub - for Dogs Tasvir - for photography GDSC - for Engineering Awaaz- for debate and literature and many more for sports, songs, dance, acting etc now we are planning to start a new club of Artificial intelligence

Course Curriculum Overview:

The faculties here are very kind and help us in every way. Our classes are late at the University and we are finding it difficult to prepare for the upcoming exams. So our faculty is taking online classes on Sunday also. My hobby was to know about computers but I did not want to do B.Tech because there are many subjects in B.Tech which I do not like. That's why I chose BCA. It is being said that people who have done B. Tech in computer in BCA are also being told the same. Here there is 1 faculty for every 30 children and we have 5 subjects for our 5 faculty. Most of the faculty here are doctorates We are finding it easier to take the exam by getting help from the faculty.

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7.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview:

• I choose this course because, of my interest in computer programming and I want to know how computers work internally. • In this university student ratio is 10:1. • Teachers are very good in teaching methods but some teachers are just teaching students without discussing the doubts. • After six months term exam will be taken and easy to pass the exam we will need 33 percent to clear the exam but I scored 78 percent in this term exam.

Campus Life:

• Annual fest happens every year. The annual & tech fest is happening on 29 April. • All the books are available in the library but in some case when the book is not available the next day the book is provided to you. • In this university classrooms are neat & clean. • All Sports & extracurricular activities happen on the campus. Social club, sports club & cultured club.

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7.7 /10

Campus Life:

The annual fest and tech fest are conducted on the 28th and 29th of April. And the availability of the books is around 1lacs or more and the journals 35 thousand or more. There are different types of sports like basketball, volleyball, and swimming pool.CU is best for extra activities like treasure hunts, face painting, rangoli, etc. Many types of social groups and different types of clubs like culture clubs, sports clubs, etc clubs run by students.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions:

Fees are different in different fields eg registration fees are different from admission fees and different from examination fees all fees are different but budget-friendly friendly not too high. An international student scholarship scheme is a scholarship that is given to a student for student financial help. The job gave to 40% of the student and they got only 2 lakh per annum that's enough as a fresher.

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8.6 /10

Course Curriculum Overview:

I was interested in this course because I'm looking good career in the IT and software stream I think BCA is the best course for those interested in an IT and software career. The faculties in the college are very helpful for our career building. There are 50 students in the BCA class. The semester exams are not very difficult to pass if we put a little bit of hard work into our studies we can pass the exams very easily.

Placement Experience:

From the 5th semester, the students become eligible for campus placements. Students are getting placed in companies like Wipro, Deloitte, and Reliance and the average package offered for students is 4L/Year. Almost 65% of students are getting placed in every year. My plan after my degree is to get placed in a company like Deloitte or Wipro.

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Course Curriculum Overview:

This course is exactly the thing that I want for my future education purpose also the most beneficial course for computer science students. The faculty members from my BCA Department are the best teachers I have seen they are good at teaching us also they have a very friendly nature with us. There are 7 teachers in our department and they all are very good. And have 140-145 students in each year of the department Every teacher has great teaching experience and also they have nice qualifications. I don't know about their qualifications just I know they have good qualification marks just like they said. Normally they conduct exams every four months also the questions are more likely hard but at least easy to pass the exams.

Campus Life:

The annual fest we have in our department is our Arena and this fest is conducted after the semester exams are done like after the 1st sem. The faculty provides notes and outputs of the program for the practicals and they tell us the book's names which we can find in the library also. Overall good amenities in the classroom are good desks and fan blackboard and seats are comfortable. In sports, good activities are given and facilities are good and the extracurricular activities are also good. There is an Instagram account named dacncampus and another account bcadacn is also there.

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8.7 /10

Campus Life:

The annual fest is conducted in April month in the last week and after the annual fest conducted tech fest. All books 1 lakh are available in the library and 25 thousand journals are available. Wi-Fi and a projector are available in all classes. All types of sports organize the trip. Painting, sloganising, and chayarti events for orphans. The students' counsel is run by students' culture clubs, Rotaract clubs, sports clubs, etc. run by students.

Course Curriculum Overview:

Interests in computer operation like coding, design, data analytics, backend, and frontend, etc. made me choose this course. The teachers are very experienced and friendly in nature. All students like all teachers. All of them are qualified and experts in their subjects. Good pattern exam, term easy to pass.

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8.7 /10

Campus Life:

Annual sports day will be conducted every year in Feb month in Nehru Stadium Chennai. The library is now well developed lots of loaded books over there. So efficient to search and go through. Amenities are quite good and neat. There are lots of extracurricular activities for students to get trained in other than studies. Many clubs like Rotaract club conduct events often. NSS, NCC likewise clubs.

Course Curriculum Overview:

I chose this course just because to get placed in IT. Faculty are well trained and enough to teach us. Teaching is very nice like not only in the class but also very practical and good. Cat exams will be conducted three times in a Semester. Not that difficult to pass in exam. Well and good.

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Campus Life:

there are so many festivals conducted by the campus. there are tech fest, cultural fest, garba night, all types of puja, teachers' day, etc. all tech-related books are available in the library, we can also check on the website. MAKAUT has its own newspaper, named Sobar Kotha. all types of sports are available here like cricket, football, etc.

Course Curriculum Overview:

This course follows the modern curriculum and I want to complete my 3-year graduation course this course will help me to build a strong foundation in computer science. we have 5 teachers for 65 students. Qualification is very good and the teaching method is also good. 4 CA and 1 final exam in one semester and its average to pass.

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Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] : 29 answered questions


Ques. Is Chandigarh University good for a BCA?

● Top Answer By Aditi Sharma on 22 Mar 23

Ans. If you are considering pursuing BCA, Chandigarh University is an excellent option to consider. The university has established ties with several foreign universities and reputed companies, which facilitates higher education abroad and good placements for their students, respectively. Chandigarh University provides a great academic exposure to its students and is also accredited with NAAC A+ rating. Chandigarh University has separate departments for different courses. The University Institute of Computing (UIC) department is considered the best department in Chandigarh University. The UIC department boasts of special labs, such as Microsoft Azur lab, Redhat lab, Android development lab, and many more. These labs are equipped with advanced technologies that help students gain practical knowledge and skills required for the industry. Chandigarh University has a great track record of placements. In the previous year, the university witnessed over 2000+ placements, which was a significant achievement. With excellent industry linkages, reputed companies visit the campus for recruitment drives regularly. Additionally, the university offers extensive training and placement opportunities to its students to help them prepare for the placement process. In conclusion, Chandigarh University is an excellent option for pursuing BCA. It offers a world-class academic experience, practical exposure, and excellent placement opportunities. Consider Chandigarh University as a potential destination for BCA and achieve your career goals.Read more
2 Answer

Ques. What is the cutoff for a BCA at Holkar Science College?

● Top Answer By Nikita Rai, on 22 Nov 21

Ans. The cutoff for a BCA at Holkar Science College is approximately 85-90% in the first list. This will be followed by the second and third lists, if students from the first list do not join the college. The second list the cut off will be around 80% and for the third list it will be around 70-75%. This is for the general category students. Students who belong to the SC or ST category will have the cut off around 60-65%. If you wish to do BCA from Holkar Science College then it is suggested that you change your decision. Holkar Science College is not quite good for BCA, as the course started recently and is relatively new. It does not hold much experience. If you want to study here then opt for a B.Sc. than a BCA.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is Sanskriti University the best for a BCA?

● Top Answer By Himani Singh on 28 Dec 21

Ans. Sanskriti University is one of the best universities in Uttar Pradesh. They are known to provide quality education, this helps in the overall development of the student.  When considering BCA, it might not be the best of the institutions offering it, but due to its rapid improvement in providing students the best has made its mark among everyone.  So, If you are planning for BCA you can definitely choose Sanskriti. It has well-equipped labs, a library, and an eco-friendly environment for the students. Not only studies, but It also has a diverse culture of people so you will get a whole new experience here.  Categories BCA at Sanskriti University Placement Percentage  85% Highest CTC 7-9 LPA Average CTC 4.5 LPA Recruiting Companies Wipro, HCL, etc. Thus you will never regret your choice of selecting Sanskriti University for your career ahead.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is the BCA in Bangalore University?

● Top Answer By Natasha Shome on 30 Nov 21

Ans. BCA at Bangalore University is not a good option for your career. Here are some reasons to support this statement: The BCA syllabus it follows is outdated.  You will be learning about things which will have no practical use in your career. The faculty members are also not enthusiastic about teaching new topics. Same projects are given to the students every year. Securing a job after graduating with a BCA is tough.  Because the jobs you will be applying for will require your skills and knowledge about the subject.  If you are not updated with the changing trends of the industry, it will become tough to secure a job. It is suggested that you go for an MCA after completing BCA to get better job opportunities. Also try for VTU rather than BU because they are said to provide better education.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is Poornima University the best for a BCA college?

● Top Answer By Shruti Sen on 12 Jan 22

Ans. There are many reasons as to why BCA will be a good subject to pursue at Poornima University (PU).  Students here are given proper practical training which is essential to know before joining the industry. The student crowd is very competitive. They have a dedicated training and placement cell. They conduct industry visits, seminars, internships, etc. for the enhancement of the student’s knowledge. The faculty members are supportive and include seasoned professionals to energetic youths. Categories BCA at PU Course Fee INR 2.51 lakh Placement Percentage 90% Highest CTC 21 LPA Average CTC 5.5 LPA Recruiting Companies Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, HCL, etc. Overall PU helps develop a student’s personality. They are well trained to blend into the corporate world. Interested students are also encouraged to pursue higher studies, and prepare for them accordingly.Read more
1 Answer


Can I become a software developer after completing BCA?
Sinbad Chongtham

Yes, you can definitely become a software developer after completing BCA. To become a software developer, you can pursue various paths after completing your BCA degree, such as: learning additional programming languages and technologies, pursuing a master's degree in computer science or a related field, gaining hands-on experience through internships, projects, or freelance work, etc.

What is the average salary package offered to a fresher BCA graduate in India?
Sinbad Chongtham

The average salary package offered to a fresher BCA graduate in India can vary depending on various factors such as the city, company, skills, and performance of the candidate. However the average salary package for a BCA fresher in India is around INR 3-4 lakhs per annum.

ammar zaheer ahmed
What are the top BCA entrance tests of India?
Sinbad Chongtham

The most commonly accepted entrance tests for admission to BCA courses in India include IPU-CET, AIMA UGAT, BUMAT, SET, SUAT, CUET, etc.

laxmi mishra
How much is the BCA course fee of Aliah University?
Sinbad Chongtham

The total course fee for the BCA program of Aliah University is INR INR 39,900. The total intake for the course is 30 seats.

kunal thakrar
What is the main role of a Software Test Lead?
Sinbad Chongtham

The main role of Software Test Lead includes advocacy of consistency & studies, preparation & control of resources, and addressing challenges that hinder the testing effort.

divakar sharma
What is the average salary package of a Technical Consultant?
Sinbad Chongtham

The average salary package offered to a Technical Consultant after completing BCA degree in India is around INR 8 lakhs per annum.

shaik kabeer
What are the top colleges that offer BCA+MCA courses?
Sinbad Chongtham

The top Indian institutes that offer integrated BCA+MCA courses include The Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Aliah University, St. Xavier's College, Gujarat, Symbiosis International University, etc.

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Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] Colleges IN INDIA

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Amity University
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
2.01 L first year fees
1.6 L first year fees
Chandigarh University - [CU]
Chandigarh, Chandigarh
1.37 L first year fees
79 K first year fees
1.02 L first year fees
AIMS Institutes
Bangalore, Karnataka
2.11 L Total fees
5.75 L Total fees