Sondeka Awards

Creatives Garage introduces Sondeka Awards. The Awards are Creatives Garage’s way of giving back to the creative community that we have spent years advocating for and supporting. We appreciate and support the growth of the underdog creative and take it upon ourselves to recognize these highly talented members of the creative community.


Vote for your favorite nominee in each category.
2018 Sondeka Awards Voting Regulations.

You can vote as many times as you wish but only ONCE PER DAY.

For your vote to be valid, you have to vote for a nominee in each category.

Voting closes on the 24th of March, 2018.


Sylvia N. Gichia

Sylvia Gichia is an arts management consultant with over 8 years experience in the visual...

Murage Gichuki

Murage Gichuki is a Creator, Communicator, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He has a background...

Liz Kilili

Liz Kilili, founder of Creatives Garage, is a driven and slightly eccentric creative, most...

James Wamathai

James Wamathai is a board member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), is responsib...

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