Anoop Pradeep
Digital Artist

A multifaceted multi talented graphic designer, Anoop is also a passionate photographer, illustrator and does his own packaging designs; In which, he creates interesting stickers, book covers, doodles and generally experiments with different ideas. All in all Anoop is an entrepreneurial artist with a vision for his brand. Not one to limit himself, he work with a number of diverse projects, challenging himself into brainstorming sessions from which he gets his ideas from. He is currently working on an internship at WEZA INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT as a video game artist and really enjoys the creative hub as it allows for his passion and creative spirit to be nurtured. His interest in photography started at a young age. Being passionate without a medium for your passion to manifest and without equipment would have, and has, deterred many talented folk, but not Anoop. He relied on the generosity of friends, borrowing equipment and working with it when he could to take pictures and when he started to post his work online, he used the recognition he got there to do a lot of freelance work while he was in high school. Inevitably he ended up doing a diploma in Graphic Design at ADMI, a place he seems to love for the support he got from lectures and fellow students and for the chance to grow his vision as an artist. Ultimately, Anoop seems happy with his journey so far, which is all most of us can ask for.