3D Artist

Arafa C. Hamadi is an interdisciplinary visual and installation artist, working in the fields of structural, set and graphic design. Arafa graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2017, with a Masters of Arts with Honours in Architecture. While not exactly working in the field they have used their degree to address the intersections of art and architecture through the creation of immersive installations that have featured in exhibitions in Mozambique and Tanzania.
They work as an art director for various festivals around East Africa including the Ongala Music Festival, Tanzania, and Kilifi New Year, Kenya. Arafa’s work can range from giant stages backed by a faux sun nicknamed “Big Mama Baobab” at Kilifi New Year, to digital work that explores 3D scanning software as a means of archiving physical memory.
They are also part of the cohort of 2020 fellows for the ICA Fellowship (SA) and Bakanal de Afrique Festival Fellowship (USA). They co-host and co-produce of the Tanzania-based podcast, the Chai Podcast.

Quote: “Recently my artwork is about seeing myself within the context of the Swahili coast” OR
“I like making grand big projects”