Avandu Studio
Digital Artist

Salim Busuru is a creative director at Avandu studio who tells stories through comics and illustrations. He is a champion of the comic book art scene, pushing to get his content out despite the less than warm reception of comic books in Kenya in the past (with most people assuming comics are childish without ever giving them a chance). Through social media, however, local publishers and content creators in the comic scene have been able to generate interest in comic books and reach those of us who were already deeply embedded in the nerd community. Proving, once again, that a good comic is like a good partner; Rated R (when it needs to be), makes you think and leaves you unwilling to put it down.
Avandu studios have worked on a number of projects, their most notable, to date, being “SANAMU” (2020), a fantasy adventure about triplets who set out on a mission to avenge their mothers’ death at the hands of an evil witch doctor, and “Beast from Venus” a story inspired by the mythology of the Nandi bear.
Avandu, thus far, consists of 2 artists (including Salim), a writer and a head of production, responsible for overseeing the creation of the content of both internal Ips and Client works. Even though they currently face the challenge of finding young talent with a strong work ethic, they are working towards being the largest comic producers in Africa. Currently, they are working on “MORAAN”, a comic about a young Maasai youth who has to battle a beast terrorizing his community in the hopes that it will reinstate his outcast family.

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