You might not have seen his face but if you're into experimental music, then you've heard his work. It's rare to find EDM that draws inspiration from Eastlands, a vibrant neighbourhood that has influenced the Kenyan creative communirty for decades. However Basthma's productions, flips and DJ sets do just that. As an artist, he not only found a niche but managed to establish himself so well in it you’d be hard-pressed to remember when the words Nu Bounce, Future Bounce, Future bass and Jersey Club weren’t a regular part of your lexicon. Don’t just take our word for it though, we filmed this set at Village Market's, Ozone Trampoline park _link_ because what better place to fim bounce music. In it, Basthma takes us on a sonic journey with hops, jumps and skips working with music that you’ve likely never heard of but will probably add your playlist soon as. Headphones on, volume up!