BlackRhino VR
VR Production Company

Blackrhino VR is an award winning Kenyan based extended reality (XR) agency located in Nairobi. We specialize in creating bespoke Virtual & Augmented Reality content and solutions that are adaptable and relevant to the African market with a global appeal. We connect consumers, businesses and organizations to rich, immersive experiences. BlackRhino from its establishment in 2015 focused on producing documentaries and human interest stories for corporate clients and NGOs. As time proceeded they set foot VR and AR. However with the start of the AR and VR section of the company, the video production (White Rhino) segment of the company still stands.
Blackrhino has partnered with different agencies to cover research with the United Nations which was partnering with Kenyatta university and Newcastle university in Dadaab to capture midwifery and maternal health state. They have also partnered with TradeMark East AFrica working with European Union while handiong over PPEs at the border and sharing information on how to maintain COVID 19 protocols.
In addition to the partnerships Black rhino also does creative films. They have also done a mocumentary .