DJ Kace

When you see him walk on stage or just in promo pics you likely might decide “Ah he’s white? Must be an EDM DJ” and get ready for a night of “doof doof untz untz” music. However that’s far from the truth, while he can play EDM, Kace is at his prime playing hip hop, dancehall, reggae and more so Kenyan tunes across genres. From Beanie Man to John De Mathew, Kace is versatile like that.

Over the years Kace has become a force to reckon with in the DJ scene and has made his mark on the industry as the go to guy for on stage energy and a constantly thrilled audience.
He's also the founder of The Circus, Boombox and it's virtual offering Zoombox that took off during Kenya's Covid-19 lockdown. If he’s on your screen or on stage at The Alchemist, DeeJay Kace sets are the kind of epic that results in everything being abandoned for the dancefloor.