Fusion KE

Describing Chucky as merely a DJ would be pushing the bounds of the definition of the word. He’s more than just that, he grew beyond the reluctance to work the decks to become a powerhouse within Eastern Africa’s electronic music scene. Chucky’s music sits neatly in the pocket of Techno, however, its diversity also sees it meld into the outskirts of Melodic Techno & African rhythms, with blending elements of deep tribal and minimal techno, transitioning through tempos with layers upon layers. Bryan Rajan has built a name for himself as a phenomenal DJ by constantly exploring how music interacts with the human experience.

Fusion KE is the brainchild of Chucky, photographer Thea Gourdon (who worked on this pre-recorded set) and other creatives living in and from Kenya. They’ve combined their skills to create something that they believe in: an immersive musical experience, and an economy for themselves and other Kenyan creatives.