Gatehi Mwaniki
Film Maker

Film maker, photographer, director and co-founder of MNK film (a film production company), Gatehi is a true film whisperer. He started his passion for film way back while in college pursuing a course in electronic media. This led to his love for the film industry through the self help magic of Youtube his talent and passion grew. In 2018 Gatehi participated in the East AfricaStudent film Festival that saw him and the MNK film company get awarded in most of the categories. The awards brought a new strength that propelled them to start their studio and show that their passion could generate income. Beginning as a freelancer is hard but Gatehi pushed through by making different portfolios of himself and sharing them on social media pages with the hopes that people would like and share. And while that has worked, due to his incredible talent, we believe Gatehi’s and MNK films’ star has yet to truly shine.
To go off on a bit of a tangent here, the film industry in Kenya is not maximized to its fullest as there are still more things that could be done to improve on the sector. There is inadequate funding in the sector and too much gatekeeping that stops filmmakers to access the local and international markets with a blast. Given a chance the small upcoming film makers can make great strides in the film industry.
The Kenyan set up has a lot of impediments that hinder the success of the film makers. This is two throng where the community has had a bad perception of the film makers to be agents to assisting terrorism and also ther is highly likelihood of the equipments getting lost whilke in the community. Gone are the days you would walk in town with a camera without being questioned but currently there are many restrictions that come up in the film industry that involve the cost of licensing the final product and also the cost of preparing the product.
Filmmakers need to be ready for the hurdles and challenges that they will meet in the execution of their work. This should not lower their spirits but they need to press on, preferably with a side hustle that will pay the other bills even as they continue in the film industry.