Kennedy Kyalo
Digital Artist

Kennedy Odhiambo Ondiek is a young, enthusiastic and accomplished comedian in Kenya. He has spent the last 5 years building his brand 'Tales Of The Crazy Kennar.' He became interested in comedy from a very young age of 11 years where he took part in various drama festivals competitions emerging as top actor year in year out, he continued with this path onto highschool and later to campus. Being passionate about his work he later brought on board his friends who shared a common vision of using comedy to be able to not only entertain but also educate, namely; Stanley Omondi, Yvonne Khisa, Bushra Sakshi, Cynthia Wanjiru and Stephen Miser. Through this vision he has come up with an initiative to help out the youth battling depression and he used his comedy to educate on mental health, through this he was able to be nominated and win an award known as 'Go beyond influencer.' At the age of 23 he has achieved great heights by being able to work with various big brands in the market and also by being able to bag numerous awards in the industry establishing himself as not only an influencer but also a game changer. He is happiest with his family.