Robert Munuku
Film Maker

Robert Mũnũku (b. 1984) is an award-winning independent visual artist, writer, filmmaker, teacher & creative entrepreneur from Nairobi, Kenya. Mũnũku began visual art at an early age of 5 years old, encouraged & supported by his parents, Frank Mũnũku (father) & Assumpta Pierra Mũnũku (mother). Later in his early 20's Mũnũku learned digital art and fused the techniques with his previous preferred media (wood, paints, pencils, ink, etc.). In his mid-twenties he learned how to use DSLR cameras and began self-teaching photography & cinematography until he got his first camera.
After a period of disillusionment working in the Kenyan mainstream art industry, and also later holding a senior position in a foreign NGO, Mũnũku left & went ahead to form Mau Mau Arts as a way to fill the gaps these ‘big’ organisations had failed to, bringing his prior 15-plus years of working experience to the venture. He later transitioned into film work &, from 2017, Mũnũku embarked on multiple projects some of which include creative education, mentorship of young creatives, documentary making, music & feature film production, all which serve the purpose of social commentary.

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