Tara light
Digital Artist

Tara, is a 22-year old digital illustrator/painter/concept artist and who's been making art for as long as they can remember. Their creative hobbies, processes and endeavours have always been so dear to them and they always treat my work with a lot of love and compassion. They love painting a lot of fantastical, futuristic and whimsical themes. They also love to paint portraits of people while incorporating said themes in them, along with creating their own characters. They've always drawn most of their inspiration from videogames/anime and manga/comics, as they spent a lot of their childhood drawing the latter and immersed in the former. As of late they've been getting a lot of inspiration from nature, books, fashion and personal spiritual themes which they hope to involve a lot more in their upcoming work and eventually create a larger body of it. They would also love to create their own stories, videogames and their own tarot deck one day. ♡"