Vic Mutua

Victor Mutua is a professional photographer and videographer specializing in portrait, fashion, wildlife and street photography as well as camera ops and drone photography and videography. He burns with a fiery passion for creating spectacular imagery capable of capturing and portraying incredible moments to share with the world.
A next level introvert, Vic discovered his love for photography in high school after organizing a photography club in an attempt to find an extracurricular that wasn’t as social as the available extracurriculars. Since then, photography has been an important part in his journey of self- discovery and as a tool to help make sense of the world. He continued to do it with passion as his guide, with lots of interested parties asking him to do pictures for them, before deciding to learn photography professionally when he got to a pivotal point in his life where he wanted to offer more to the world and to his art by being the best he could be.
He is currently focused on drone photography for a number of reasons. One being its insanely cool, but mostly because, like a lot of Kenyans, he had to adapt with the pandemic (his original source of income being from events and personal shoots). He still enjoys it for the challenge of a new horizon in photography and for the chance to see and show the world from a new viewpoint.

You can find more of his work here: