Digital Artist

Wamvii is a visual artist based in Nairobi with an eye for unconventional bodies of work. Those types of pieces that make you sink into a place of introspective thought and emotion. Wamvii’s art is constantly evolving due to her experimentation with different mediums such as: Photoshop, photography, semi realistic sketches, paint (acrylic, watercolor) etc. And art styles like: abstract art, surrealism, contrast art, Art Nouveau, minimal art among others ‘Art is an outlet.’ and that is what inspires her. It helps her find her balance and provides room for expression. With the help of acquired skills and techniques, expression fuels conceptualization and composition with the aim being -to guide the viewer into a space of interpretation.

Wamvii’s previous project was a limited series where she blended mental health and sexuality (nudity). The showcase was meant to present the narrative of a black woman accepting herself, whilst dealing with the voices in her head. Exploration through body paint and photo manipulation led to a body of work that took on the idiom “Cloud over my head” as the Title and literal depiction.

“Art is a key element in my life. It embodies everything. The world I wish to portray is one of color and imagination. Celebrating the intricacies of life that make it what it is; beautiful.”

Instagram: @wamvii @artbywamvii
Twitter: @wamvii
Deviant art: @wamvii
Email: artbywamvii@gmail.com