Wanjira Kinyua
Digital Artist

Wanjira Kinyua is a full-time illustrator based in Nairobi. She is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a B.A. in Design. She started out as an in house Graphics Designer but has since grown more interested in illustrations; and has started freelancing to give her time to make a decision. She started practising illustrations during her third year in uni. She had fallen in love with the history of African Art and wanted to explore it more. This made her want to document traditional African adornments through illustrations as some adornments are non-existent today. Illustrating has given her a medium through which she can showcase these and has also made her realise that she likes learning about the history behind ornaments and sharing what she finds with her audience. Manga and anime have also been a source of inspiration for her as she loves the world-building and storytelling aspects that they have. She is also inspired by everyday life and objects as she tries to find a good way to showcase these in her illustrations. At the moment she is exploring character designs and soon she wants to explore animation and also learn more about storytelling.