Yasmin Elayat

Yasmin Elayat is an Emmy-award winning immersive director, USA 2020 Fellow, and Co-Founder at Scatter. Yasmin’s work pushes the boundaries of immersive narrative and participatory experiences. Scatter is recognized for pioneering the emerging language of Volumetric Filmmaking through its original volumetric film productions and it's AR/VR creativity tools. Scatter’s first product Depthkit is the most widely used toolkit for accessible volumetric video capture.
Yasmin directed the Emmy award-winning Zero Days VR (Sundance 2017) a documentary about cyber warfare and the Stuxnet virus. Yasmin co-directed Blackout (Tribeca 2017), and co-creator of 18DaysInEgypt, which was lauded as one the Moments of Innovation in Participatory Documentary. Latest project is the Changing Same (Sundance 2021), a co-production with RADA Studio, a virtual reality film which explores the cyclical history of racial injustice in America.
Yasmin’s work has won multiple awards and exhibited at various festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, SIGGRAPH, Festival de Cannes, and the World Economic Forum.