Edd beher aka Nyangau is a gamer who started gaming during the early years of his childhood where he started with floppy disks but as time progressed he progressed his equipment. In 2018 he built his first simulators and noted that it was right to share with everybody. The urge to gaming was brought about by his love for motorsport which was difficult to access in Kenya. With simulation racing he notes that there is a lot of time and money being saved. Nyangau wanted to bring a community of people involved in racing together. The gaming industry is growing so much in Kenya as more and more people are getting involved into simulator racing and there is no sign of this growth slowing down soon. There are a series of challenges that people experience in the simulator gaming industry in Kenya. Firstly, there is lack of exposure to technological advancement in Kenya where the technology that is being used in Kenya is still not conforming to what counterparts in other countries are using. Secondly, cultural barriers are playing a key role in retarding the growth since many parents will not heed to their children's idea of getting involved in gaming since it's the wish of most parents to urge their kids to be lawyers or doctors. Highest Moments for Edd bher include an opportunity to participate in a contest and winning a chance to watch motorsport in Abhu Dhabi in 2019 as well as being among the community who goes out to discover new talents. During the COVID -19 pandemic and with lockdowns most people got the opportunity to get glued onto gaming platforms as well the physical gamers who were not able to do the physical races shifted for sometime to virtual racing so that they were able to meet the obligations of their sponsors. With this the simulation racing gained traction and knowledge among people. The industry is lucrative and more people need to get involved since there is a chain of people involved in the industry from Indie developers and so on. If you want to start simulation racing go for it