Cut The Foreplay

Nadia Favre is a radio host who is wildly passionate about voicing animations and championing female-driven art. Having peaked at the start of her career by winning Show of the Year for a 3 hour radio segment called ‘The Hangover’ is bang on brand. Her voice made the leap from XFM, Kenya's only rock station, to the musically versatile Capital FM.

Cut The Foreplay is a 20-30 minute, sitcom format, Podcast. Hosted and Produced by Nadia. The show was inspired by the frustration of regressive conversations on the radio. Ones rooted in gender norms, capitalism & traditions that she felt didn’t mirror the true openness of Kenyans. This half hour slot quickly became a safe space full of freedom, excitement, room to be/celebrate ourselves through hearty laughs and unsolicited singing. Four seasons in, the show has found its footing as unapologetically crass with a delicate combination of wit, whimsy and sweetness.

Available on Soundcloud, Apple podcast, Castbox, Spotify, Google podcast and airs every Wednesday at 10:30PM on 98.4 Capital

There really is no organic way to avoid her content. You may as well give into it.