Nipe Story

Nipe Story came out in December 2017. Its creator, Kevin Mwachiro, loves creating pictures in peoples' minds, and so a podcast was born. Nipe Story is storytelling of various Kenyan and African realities that make the listener hear the continent with new ears. This is a podcast that drums different beats but with a very African sound. As a child, he loved listening to Mummy Inosi on what was Voice of Kenya (now KBC) English service (Mummy Inonsi had a storytelling programme that used to air twice a week.) Looking back for Kevin, this was when he fell in love with the power of the spoken word.

One can describe the Nipe Story as a library where you will find short story fiction from different writers from other parts of the continent and feature various themes. It is also a pool of African vocal talent, both burgeoning and experienced, that breathe life to written prose.

Check it out here: