The NRB Bus is a place to learn and share, develop and produce, rent and trade, love and create and was born out of the necessity to Move around since many at times the studios would get eviction notices due to increased rents and need for space developments for other purposes. The first idea was to look for a container that would be moved around but after some time they got the Bus which was Forged in London but was brought up in the era of the Sex Pistols, The Clash and Joy Division, The Punk-ethos and the do-it-yourself culture that came as a result of that era.
The Nrb Bus has been a creative space for visual artists and musicians since it’s official opening in 2012. The double decker is also the spiritual home and mobile office of Cultural Video Production and Cultural Video Foundation, two organizations with twelve years experience in East Africa and different award winning productions such as: "African Space Makers" interactive VR Series on creative cities selected to the Venice VR Expanded Competition, at the 77th Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica 2020 - Best Direction Stereopsia Lumiere Awards 2020 - XRMust Impact Award 2020, "WAZI?FM” a Somali-Kenyan feature film (thriller), Golden Dhow 2015 at Zanzibar Film Festival, “Cumbia Steps” a TV series on Afro- Colombian music awarded by CNTV in 2012 and RTVC in 2014 and broadcasted in different Latin American countries, “Connection House” a Web Series (comedy) on West African migrants living in Southern Italy, awarded at Roma Web Fest 2016 and Berlin Web Fest 2017 among others.
The bus has mobbed over the years to various locations and has worked with the Alchemist on the cultural aspects of the current Alchemist. The bus is more of a collective that brings people together due to its movement nature in the different locations it has been to.
The bus has partnered with many creatives including: Paul Onditi, The Hub, Wazi FM,Different Cinema and music festivals, Summer Monks, The Muze,Different Photographers,Videographers and some films that have been shot from the locations. The biggest challenge in Nairobi is the Gentrification and urban development that characterizes lack of spaces for creatives.the government should provide space for creatives within the proximity of the city.