Sarakasi Trust

The Sarakasi Dome is the Trust ‘s office, training and rehearsal space that was started in 2001 and is reasonably a well equipped venue with different performance areas. It is equipped with sound and light and consists of an indoor auditorium/hall, a (dance) studio, a roof-top, a foyer and an outdoor venue. Regular clients book the Dome on a weekly, monthly or case to case basis, thus providing income to Sarakasi. The bar and the second floor above the bar have been rented out on a rental lease basis. Apart from client’s events, Sarakasi’s event management department is in charge of planning and executing the organization’s own cultural agenda. Permanent fixtures on this agenda are the staging of own acrobatic and dance performance work as well as live concerts, dance competitions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and so on. The Sarakasi Dome comes with secure parking and professional services. It is suitable for theatre productions, corporate functions, concerts, workshops and seminars, wedding receptions, children birthday parties, training programs and team building activities amongst others.