Black Apron Chefs

Black Apron Chefs is a private catering/ private chef service that focuses on bringing gourmet dishes and menus "boutiqued" to the clients needs and in the comfort of the client's house or their convenience. Their focus is on bringing the restaurant feel at home starting from the client relations, food and safety hygiene practises to cooking techniques and most importantly meal service (seriously, their skills are phenomenal).
They also recently started hosting events titled the Soul Food Extravaganza series where they get to give a twist to local cuisine giving birth to amazing food that enriches your soul.
Black Apron Chefs is an idea that was birthed by the harsh economic times brought by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic (the world favours those who adapt). With retrenchment and salary reductions and the rise of cost of living, The founders, both young enthusiastic chefs decided to work on self-employment and still do what they treasured. Serving people amazing food in the comfort of their own homes... Getting a 5-star kind of service without the risk of contracting the virus. It is also a platform to help more chefs become independent without the cliché norm of having to work for Hotels or restaurants as a source of income. But all in all it's about passion for food, hospitality and revolutionizing it to fit our current world.

Find them at their social media platforms @black_apron_chefs on facebook and instagram or