The Dancing Biochemist
Winner - Dance - 2018
Sondeka Awards

Meet Njoki Wairua, popularly known as The Dancing Biochemist. Njoki is a professional dancer, choreographer, performer and biochemistry major at the University of Nairobi, Class of 2018. Njoki has been dancing since the age of six and began by self-training in Hip Hop dance. She later joined a performing arts school where she trained in Jazz Dance and Ballet taking ISTD & RAD Examinations respectively. She is the founder of the #TLTD movement which stands for #TouchingLivesThroughDance Through her movement, Njoki aims to add value, joy, and zest to the lives of people through dance. By teaching people to explore and express themselves and their ideas symbolically through movement, and bring them into a beautiful world where they can improve themselves physically, creatively, imaginatively, emotionally and intellectually.